Álvaro Parra Gómez

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Lawyer - Partner

Parra Rodríguez Abogados


Education: Lawyer, Los Andes University, Bogotá (Lawyer, 1987).

Positions:Partner at Parra Rodríguez Abogados since 1995; Partner, Armando Parra Escobar y Cía. Ltda., 1988 – 1995; Advisor for the Director of the Escuela Superior de Administración Pública – ESAP, 1987; Member of the work commissions from the Asamblea Nacional Constituyente, 1991; Occasional Tax Law Lecturer on different forums, like the Centro Interamericano Jurídico y Financiero (CIJUF); Tax Law teacher at the Autónoma de Bucaramanga University; Official Correspondent of the “Tax News Service” and the “Taxation in Latin America” from the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation, Multilaw member.

Professional Associations: Member of the Colombian Institute of Tax Law (ICDT).

Publications: "Contratos Administrativos" (1987); "Impuestos Municipales" (1986); "Bienes y Rentas Municipales" (1986); co-author of "Derecho Tributario Sistematizado". 

Languages:  Spanish, English

Practice Areas: Tax Law, Commercial Law, Company Law, among others.